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How to write a TOEFL iBT essay

How to write a TOEFL iBT essay

Write a good essay is not difficult, but you need to know the basics. There are some things that must necessarily be included in the essay. Such as: Structure of the essay Your essay should correspond to the structure of the English essay. By the way, even native English speakers should use this structure in their essays. Fortunately, the structure of the essay is easy to learn. More information about good essay and service where you can order writing essays is blog about essay writing service reviews.

There are only three main parts in the essay:

• Introduction

• The body of the essay

• Ending Without this basic structure it will be difficult to organize your thoughts so that the TOEFL examiners will understand everything.

This is not an exaggeration. The structure of the essay puts your thoughts and ideas in a logical order, and most importantly, since this is characteristic of English speakers. Thesis statement / judgment / Your entry should contain a thesis statement. This is the last sentence of the first paragraph. This is the most important sentence in the essay, so it is in it that the reader can learn about your opinion. Therefore, the proposal should be simple and clear (clear). For example: Thematic proposal / input proposal / Each paragraph in the "body" of the essay begins with a thematic proposal. A good thematic proposal, first, provides the reason why your thesis proposition is correct; Secondly, he tells the reader what will be discussed in the paragraph. In other words, the topic proposal refers to both the previous and the following paragraph.

 Additional (auxiliary) ideas and statements This is what follows the thematic proposal. Auxiliary ideas provide characteristic details and examples that relate to the thematic proposal. These details and examples can be anything: personal experience, anything you read, an example from history, statistics or philosophical and scientific arguments. In fact, everything that will help the thematic proposal can be used in the paragraph. Decoupling / summary This is the last and very important paragraph in the essay. Simply put, this is a summary of the essay: a thesis statement + a thematic proposal. Of course, you do not need to copy exactly the thesis and thematic proposals. If you adhere to the correct structure when writing essays, you will definitely achieve success. All parts of the essay (introduction, abstract statement, thematic proposal, additional ideas and denouement) are interrelated, which helps make the essay more understandable.


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